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dream CENTER of las cruces

A Better Tomorrow

The future success of our children lie in the decisions we make today. That's why Character Kids is building a local Dream Center that will house all of our ministries in addition to several new and exciting ministries.

The Character Kids Dream Center of Las Cruces will be an attraction to people of all ages, especially kids. People will enjoy the outdoor basketball court, skate park, Creation Garden, computer labs, homework labs, library, audio and video departments and daily church services in the Sanctuary with cutting edge praise and worship.

In addition the Dream Center will be home to several independent partners that offer family assistance such as the Juvenile Reception Center, Drug / Alcohol / Violence Awareness, Abstinence program, Sports Workshops, a 24 Teen Crisis Hotline, Job Training and mentorship programs to name a few. The CK Dream Center will also distribute clothing as an extension of the food ministry. The CK Dream Center is designed to reach the entire community�s needs while enabling others to gain the skills necessary to live a life of character. The CK Dream Center offers local youth a safe and positive alternative to have fun.

The Character Kids Dream Center is located at 1400 6th Street, Las Cruces, NM 88007.

We are in the beginning phases of remodeling the center to meet the needs and accomplish the vision. We are currently seeking assistance to make this happen. Some of the areas in which we need help are:

1. Monetary Donations (There are 3 phases of construction) Please mention if you are interested in sponsoring a wing of the center or an entire phase.

2. Contractors that can donate time, skills, supplies, or knowledge.

3. Laborers (painters, grounds work, cleaners, etc.)

4. Equipment donations for the Center.

5. Most importantly your prayerful support!

If you can assist us in anyway please contact Mike Tellez, founder at:

(575) 523-1272

(575) 635-7522

1400 N. 6th Street

Las Cruces, New Mexico 88005



Home * Dream Center of Las Cruces * Juvenile Assessment Center * Discipleship Home * Food Ministry * Know God * Global Vision


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